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Breakdown Cover Options

Every individual had different needs. The same applies to vehicles. ThatÂ’s why; we not only provide you vehicle Breakdown Cover Plans at low cost but also give you an opportunity to build your plans. We offer you plentiful choices so that you get a vehicle breakdown cover plans, which is just right for you, the cover plan that you were seeking for. The advantage of building your vehicle breakdown cover plans is that you pay for what you use. Nothing more!

Our vehicle Breakdown Cover Options include
  • Roadside recovery option- we will try to repair your vehicle on the spot but if it needs more time then we will provide a tow to nearest repair shop
  • Relay option- Under this coverage plan, wherever you might be in UK, in case we are unable to fix or arrange for a motor specialist then we will transport to the destination of your choice in UK
  • Home option- In case the breakdown happens at home and we are unable to fix the problem them we will provide a local tow to the nearest repair shop
  • Mobile option- Under this Breakdown Cover Option, we provide alternative travel arrangements in case the repair work takes long or in the absence of repair shop nearby. We will provide you with a replacement car for 72 hours or overnight accommodation or we will pay the public transport costs
So, pick your options and build your cover plan today!