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Bridgfords Building Society

The Bridgfords Building Society is one the oldest building societies in the United Kingdom. It offers a range of financial services in the field of insurance, tax planning, will writing, investments, mortgages and loans. The company has an online application system through which the customers can contact the company and make use of their services. Like many building societies in the United Kingdom, the Bridgfords Building Society too is based on mutuality. This means that the company need not pay dividends to its shareholders. The organisation is wholly owned by the shareholders and the members. In the absence of the shareholders, the profits are divided among the members as returns on their money which they have invested either in savings account or insurance. The value of Bridgfords Building Society is determined by the difference that exists between the rate of interest on the mortgage and the rate of interest generated on the investment. If the interest is only marginally different, it is a good sign and indicates that the company is transparent and is a top performer. Bridgfords Building Society is one of those few organisations that have a low difference between these rates.

As the interest on mortgage is low, the mortgages find plenty of customers in the market. The Mortgages are given after the monthly repayments are calculated with the help of mortgage calculator available on the company website. This prepares the client financially and helps him choose the appropriate mortgage according to his financial position. The advisors from the Bridgfords Building Society also help the client decide the right investment option or the right insurance cover.