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Britannia Building Society

The Britannia Building Society is one of the oldest building societies in the UK that follow the mutuality route towards providing valuable financial services to customers. Headquartered in Staffordshire, England, the Britannia Building Society is the second largest building society in the country. They have a total asset base of 36.8 billion pounds and are also a member of the prestigious building societies association. The large branch spread of the organisation improves their reach. With around 250 branches across the country and staff strength of five thousand qualified professionals, the Britannia Building Society has clocked a net profit of 13.5%.

The company traces its origin back to the year 1856 when the one of the first building societies, the Leek and Moorlands Permanent Benefit Building societies was formed. A number of mergers and acquisitions later, the present day Britannia Building Society were formed. One among those significant mergers was the merger of Leek and Moorlands with NALGO building society in the year 1960. Another merger with Oldbury Britannia Building society gave rise to the present name. The society prides itself in well engineered products such as mortgages, investments, credit cards, loans, insurance and savings. Most of the products can be tailor made to suit the clientsÂ’ needs. The qualified employees sit with the customers to hear out what are the customerÂ’s needs as well as limitations.

The awards that the organisation has won stand testimony to the excellent performance. Britannia was the proud winner of the Sentinel awards for their contribution towards spreading awareness and knowledge about finance to teenagers through the fit4Finance program. The best business continuity award by FST Business continuity awarding body was for the excellence proven in protecting customer data and intelligent use of technology to provide solutions to various clients across the country.

Insurance covers consisting of travel insurance, health insurance and vehicle insurance are available. The insurance covers are available as per individual needs. Mortgage specifications to suit customer requirements are also made when the customer requests for a loan. Using the Online Mortgage calculator, the customer can get a fair idea of the amount he will need to make the repayments. Savings accounts which offer higher interest rates than the other accounts available through banks are another attractive product from the Britannia building society. Since the building society follows the principle of mutuality, higher rates of returns are assured on your savings.