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BT Landline

British Telecom is an established company in UK. They are the oldest telecommunication company in the world. It was established in 1846 as the first commercial telegraph service. British Telecom was renamed in 1980 as earlier it was known as Post Office Telecommunications. It was a part of Post Office till then. Privatisation of British Telecom took place in 1982-1984. They moved towards a more open market in 1991 as a major development. Those were the years when the company was rebranded as BT and made a few structural changes to focus on specific markets including the individual, small business as well as multinational corporation. British telecom is headquartered in BT centre London UK. At present they provide services ranging from Home phone to broadband.

British Telecommunications is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT group. BT has Universal Service Obligation or USO which means it’s the operator to provide fixed telephone lines to any address in UK. It is obliged to do so. BT provides appx 28 million telephone lines in the UK. BT runs the telephone exchanges, local loop connections and trunk network for most of the landline telephones.

BT landline offers one of the cheapest rates for landline calls. Phone lines from BT gives you a lot than just simple calls in cheap rates. In fact if you need broadband and digital TV, Landline is must to have access to these services. Consumers can save a lot by paying the rental for the whole year together. It amounts to hardly 10 pounds. BT claims to be cheaper than Virgin Media and Talk Talk. They have made payment of the bills easier using Direct Debit. They provide paper- free billing thus making it available online. Unlimited Weekend Calling Plan, Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calling Plan, Unlimited Anytime Calling Plan are just a few plans with extra charges ranging from 0-5 pounds.

Cheap international calls can be made with international call Add-ons which has a very low monthly fee. BT Landline gives plenty of discounts to its landline users who make international calls to as many as 234 international destinations. There is a minimum term of one month to pay as and when needed. Prices are as low as 2.5p/minute. They offer various plans to their international callers such as “Friends & Family International”, “International Freedom” and “Standard BT International” (daytime and evening). There are at least 36 destinations where one can call for 0p/minute to landlines. This facility is especially beneficial for the people making frequent calls abroad.