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Capital One Credit Card

Capital One gives credit cards to any UK resident who is above 18 years of age. There is a big range of features and competitive rates offered by Capital One. There are three types of cards issued; they are classic cards and platinum cards.

Capital one has three types of cards namely classic master cards, platinum card, premier card.

The benefits of owning a Capital One Card is
  • 4% cash back in the first three months of usage of card
  • 1% cash back after the first three months
  • Free Travel Insurance and Travel assistance
Classic Master Cards

If Classic cards are not available then secured card is available after providing a deposit between £49 and £200.

Classic Master Cards are the best for students because it helps to build and strengthen the Credit Rating. The APR for the card if 34.9% and there is no annual fees.

Platinum Card

This card is suited for those with excellent credit history and with no default in payment of other Credit Cards. Balance transfer with 0% interest.0% interest on purchase is available up to August 2008. Balance transfers are charges 1.7% handling fees.

Premier card

This card has an APR of 14.9% and 6.9% p.a on purchases and balance transfers.

Capital One Credit Card is best suited for those looking for cash backs. Choose this card if you want a lot of cash backs.