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You are looking for car loans, your dreams can turn into reality. Now you can own that new car which you have dreamt of. Car Finance have become much cheaper and you can take Car Loan up to 7 years or so which varies from bank to bank. Many people are worried of the paper works which is a headache for them. But relax now as the modern day banking has very few formalities to and you can get a loan easily. The banks also help customers with Taylor-make loans which enable the customers to take the loan as he wishes. Few of the facilities which banks provide to its customers are:

Loans on a phone call: Now a Car Loan is only a phone call away. You can avail this facility by calling the customer care of the bank or even sending a “sms” to the bank. In some cases you have to be the customer of the bank to avail this service.

Loan on your income: Here you have to submit your proof of income and you can get 100% finance of the ‘on-road’ price of the cars.

Instant Loans: If you are a Credit Card holder of the bank you can and have a good repayment record then you can get a loan up to 70%-90% of the ex-showroom price of the car. Here you don’t have to furnish your income statement and there will no on field investigation.

Fix deposit holder: If you are a fixed deposit holder then you can get a Car Loan from that bank up to 100% of the ex-showroom price of the car. Here also you don’t have to submit your income statement.

Contribute little amount: Here you have to contribute some amount of ex-showroom price of the car and get a loan of rest of the amount.

Several other Car Loans are available which you avail on your life insurance etc. The low rate of interest is the USP of today’s car loan industry. The bank now takes full responsibility from financing, insurance, registration to accessories.

Buy a used car

Now banks are even offering loans on used cars. Banks are offering up to 90% of the car value and also giving a repayment of more then 5 to 6 years. Used car loans are given even if you buy the car from a dealer and a private person. So there is everything for everyone.

Car loans are very easily available. All the banks provide car loans on both new and used cars. Besides the banks there are also many Car Financing agencies which provide loans. Different banks have opened agencies in every big and small town of the country to provide hassle free loans. Banks provide loans on the door step and even one can apply for loans online. Banks have collaborated with the car dealers where the customers is not required to go to the bank. So buy your dream car and enjoy your drive with your family.

New or Used Car Finance

We shall introduce you to loan providers who offer quality deals at low rates and attractive terms. Financemate aims at providing you the best Car Loan deal. Be it new or used cars you can choose among the best loan providers and get a quality deal.

Car Loans for Good and Bad Credit History

Here we aim at providing you with the best Finance deal. Be it good credit or bad credit. If you have a good credit history then you defiantly win an attractive deal. However if you are having a poor Credit History, if you have County Courts Judgments against you or have defaulted on payments, then don’t worry. We can still be of good assistance to you.