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Chase Credit Card

JP Morgan Chase issue Credit Cards under the name Chase Credit Cards. These Cards have the following benefits.
  1. No Annual Fee
  2. Earn £50 cash back after your first purchase
  3. Earn triple rewards.
Chase Credit Card is also called rewards card. This is because it allows you to change your cash to points and back again to cash. With this programme there is no penalty or loss of rewards.

There are three bonus categories for spending. You will get 3 points or 3% cash back rebate for every $1 in eligible purchases in the top three bonus categories. 1 base point or 1% base rebate for $1 of net purchases. There is also 2 bonus points or 2% bonus rebate for each $1 spent on net purchases at merchant locations. After you reach $600 for spending in bonus categories you will earn 1 base point or 1% base rebate.

Purchases made at discount stores, warehouse clubs and superstores will not receive bonus points or bonus rebate. Cash Advances, balance transfers, overdraft, advances etc will not earn bonus rebates or points. There are no maximum rebate points to be earned on net purchases. Accumulation of rebate points can be done up to 1,200 points monthly or in bonus rebates for one billing cycle, this is equal to $600 net purchases.

On applying for a Chase card you will be first considered for a Visa Signature card. In case you do not qualify then you will be considered for the Visa Platinum Card. On getting card make sure to read the guide for details regarding the card.

With so many rewards waiting for you why not choose the Chase Card.