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Clydesdale Bank

The Clydesdale Bank is the third largest commercial bank in Scotland and is a subsidiary of the National Australia Bank. Founded in 1838 and with its headquarters in St. Vincent Palace, Glasgow, it still continues to be one of the few banks that print bank notes in Scotland. Clydesdale Bank was one of the earliest banks that expanded its headquarters to north England and operates with its network of branches in London and northern England. Post 2001, Yorkshire Bank that trades in its own name, also became a part of the Clydesdale Bank.

Clydesdale Bank provides its customers with options of personal banking, private banking and business banking. The personal banking section provides the customers with latest features like credit cards and internet banking besides the already existing features like current accounts, savings, loans and mortgages. Besides, the bank provides you an option of drawing up an insurance plan too. You could also make use of their travel plans to plan up your trips or take in to account their financial planning too which could help you balance your portfolio the way you want it.

They pay the term deposit customers an interest rate of 6.75 % AER if the deposit is made for at least three years. The personal banking section also takes care of your savings and provides you the option to go for a tax efficient saving system through cash ISA or by investing in to stocks and shares. You could also save in the name of your child and encourage you child to save too. The internet banking facility provides you with an option of accessing your account all through the day, transfer money and pay your bills. Clydesdale Bank offers a Gold Master Card which allows you to take loans at 15.9 % APR. The first six months you get to pay no interest on purchases and bank transfers. The Master Card lets you have a secure online shopping experience and a White Concierge Service, which is a 24 hours personal assistance through call. On being a credit card customer you are also entitled to take up any loans for your home, car or for your personal purposes. The insurance quotes are pretty competitive and flexible. You could also be assured of the fast protection of the loans through online quotes. Through the financial planning section, you could arrange your portfolio and even discuss out the inheritance tax with their financial planners. They could also help you plan on your retirement savings and investment.

Private banking offers you with a lot more of professional packages besides internet banking and credit card facilities. These include wealth management and offshore and migrant banking. They also guarantee an offshore saving at 6.75% AER and help you to expand your earning basket inter temporally. The business banking customers have options of choosing an account- whether they have a turnover of more than 1m or less is the bank’s headache. There is a scheme for the agribusiness for rural farm businesses too!