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Commercial Mortgages offers you with unparalleled service and introduces you to a broad range of Commercial Mortgage providers. You can be rest assured of the services you will receive. Our team of expert advisors will bring the best deals for you.

Commercial Mortgages are Mortgages suitable for acquiring a property for business purposes. If you are a business owner or a property developer and you wish to buy a property then commercial mortgage is the one for you. You can buy office space, shops and farms.

Your mortgage loan will be sanctioned based on you ability to repay the loan and the state of the lending market. The lenders are interested in your future prospects which assure your ability to repay and reduce your expected default rate. Usually good amount of deposits are required to back your mortgage. The average deposit percentage is twenty to thirty percent. The loan period ranges from about 1 month to 30-40 years.

Advantages of Commercial Mortgages

There are several advantages of Commercial Mortgages. The best part is that most of the times your mortgage installments equal your rent if you had opted for a rental property. Your installments remain stable unlike rent which is prone to increases every year.

The tax authorities provide you with benefit for making interest payments on commercial mortgages. Another gain is that if you are not using the space for your business you can sublease the same and make good to repay your mortgage repayments.

What more would you ask for, you are also to make capital gains on the increases of the property prices.

Key features of a Commercial Mortgage
  • You can choose small and well as lengthy mortgage repayment periods ranging between three to thirty years.
  • Choose your mortgage repayment terms and tailor the mortgage by defining your requirements.
  • There is no upper limit on the amount of the mortgage loan.
  • Borrowing limits vary from 75 to 80% of your commercial properties price (certified by the professional valuer)
  • You have choice between variable or a fixed rate commercial mortgage.
  • Don’t want to pay for the first 2 years choose the go for a capital repayment holiday.
  • You can also block your interest rates for the loans over a certain amount.
  • Quality service and negligible charges and fees.