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Credit Cards Types

Can I get a 0% interest free credit card? How do I fly for free with my credit card? I have a bad credit rating; can I get a credit card at descent terms? The answer to your questions is “Yes”.

Plastic fools you! There are a range of Credit Cards offered in the market. We shall assist you is making the right choice.

Simple Credit Cards

A simple credit card facilitates the primary functions of credit. For example you make purchases on the credit card; the card company settles the amount to the company and provides you with the credit facility. Hence the amount is loaned to you and you need to repay it back along with accrued interest. Most credit card companies have interest free periods where in they don’t charge interest if repayment is made within that period, usually 56 days or so. However other companies calculate interest from the initial date of purchase.

0% Credit Cards

0% Interest Credit Cards are available however the interest free period is the initial offer period. The credit card company offers an interest free period as mentioned above. After the initial period interest is charged on overdue amounts based on applicable interest rate. We can help you find a number of Credit Card deals where you can save interest.

Credit Cards with Cash Back Offers

Many Credit Card companies offer cash back deals. They credit a percentage of the amount spent. The refund provided varies from company to company and is directly proportionate to the amount spent. It is quiet obvious that the higher you spend, the higher is going to be your cash back percentage and cash back amount. However the amount is not directly credited to your account, but is adjusted against the purchases made in the next month. These offers are beneficial only if you are able to meet your due payments in time. As if you are not, then the accrued interest will be washing off all your refund gains.

Airmiles Credit Card

Airmiles are offers where in you gain points for every purchase you make. The accumulated points can then be used to reward you with free hotel stays, movie tickets and flights for free. Reward points are granted if you shop at places where they have offers running or if you use your credit card.

Do you want to fly for free? The number of points required to win free flights vary from company to company. Be careful with the expiry dates of accumulated points. And if you do not have enough points in your basket to shell out free tickets then you can partially pay by cash for the same. The points required to fly for free depend on the place you want to fly. It is also directly proportionate to the booking time. If you have booked your ticket well in advance you might have to shell out less airmile points.

Now if you are sure that credit cards with Airmiles offers are the best for you, we shall provide you with a range of options to help you make your choice easier.