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Demon Internet

Demon internet is one of the UK’s oldest Internet Service Provider. They have targeted the people who want “dialup” connection. It began in the year 1992 by Cliff Stanford. Its branch was started in 1996 in Netherlands. In June 2006 KPN purchased it and its operations were managed by XS4All subsidiary. Apax Partners gave backing to the financer David Tabizel for the business.

The first service they came up with was the “standard dial-up” connection which provided SMTP mail and similar IP traffic to their computers. This used full TCP/IP access on a static IP address. It was to users’ discretion whether to use Demon independently or with Demon’s mail, news, IRC and servers.

Initially Demon made the rates very low for the users and thus attracted a huge market. They priced their SDU service as low as 10 pounds and that also meant increase the usage of internet throughout UK. Even now the prices are the same but many customers have switched to ADSL or broadband.

Demon had also included discount coupons in the book written on “The UK Internet Book” by writer Sue Schofield. Demon won many subscriptions whereas the writer got POP3 mail option added to the already existing mail service. Thus changing Demon’s mailing systems.

Scottish Telecom, a subsidiary of Scottish Power bought Demon Internet in 1998 and was rebranded as Thus plc. In 1999, it was floated on the London Stock Exchange. In 2002 Thus plc. demerged.

Demon internet provides a lot of packages to its users. Interestingly most of the company numbers end in 666 and their servers’ hostnames started with ‘dis’ which all are the pointers to the name associated i.e. “Demon”. The company tagline is “Devilishly good broadband” and they are about to start 140 more exchanges of ADSL2+. It claims to give faster broadband to the businesses.

Their packages include Home Office 2+, Business 2+ Pro, and Premier Broadband. Home Office 2+ is perfect for upto 5 people working in a small office or a home office. They get up to 20Mb download,1 Mbps upstream and 60 GB usage allowance. They have other added business features and the contract is valid for 24months. The costs are fixed and there are no extra costs for migration to other services. A free router is also included in the package. A few added features like 20MB web space, unlimited email addresses and Demon Dial Companion makes the package complete in just 18.60 pounds a month. Business 2+ Pro is suitable for 20 users which has monthly cost around 23 pounds with additional usage allowance as much as 200GB. Premier Broadband offers a very tempting assured bandwidth. It costs around 30 pounds with a 12 months contract.