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  • Finance >> Car Insurance >> Direct Line Car Insurance

    Direct Line Car Insurance

    Direct line car insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in United Kingdom. It deals with customers directly without any middlemen. Direct transactions between company and customers save lot of money of policy holders. The company offers high discount on its insurance policies to provide great deal to the policy holders. They are in business from 1985 and have their own success story. The company offers wide range of services and products. It has more than 5 million satisfied customers all over the country. They cater individual needs of policy holders and offer them cheap policies. To find the best deal as per your requirement go through the entire range of products.

    Direct line car insurance offers good deal to customers with many benefits. The policy holder will get extra discount, if he insures more than one car. The company offers vandalism covers to preserve no claim discount and comprehensive cover is not required for this cover. No claim discount is available for only named drivers in the policy. The Direct Line Car Insurance company cleans all repaired cars from inside as well as outside before returning them to policy holder. By paying small extra premium you will get hire car cover for 14 days if your car is off the road.

    Direct line car insurance provides new car replacement in case of car stolen within 12 months from the registration of policy. Comprehensive policy covers third party liability, damages due to fire and theft, personal accident and medical expenses. You will get cover for child car seat and transport after accident without any extra charge. Courtesy car cover is optional and can be availed by paying small additional premium. The Insurance company offers 3 days foreign cover in any part of Europe every year. You can purchase policy on the phone or from the internet. Easy and simple claim procedures as well as quick response are important characteristics of this company.

    Direct Line is a success story on its own. It started in 1985 with only car insurance as its product later, it diversified into offering a wide range of products and services. Presently there are around 5 million loyal policy holders associated with Direct Line.

    Direct Line Car Insurance Coverage
    Product Features Private Car Policy
    New Car Replacement Yes
    Personal belongings £100
    Child car seat Yes
    Loss of keys Not covered
    Maximum free foreign days 3 days
    Guaranteed no claims discount No
    Rescue cover service
    Transport after accident Yes
    Courtesy car optional
    Enhanced courtesy car No

    The Direct Line Car Insurance is one of largest insurance companies in United Kingdom providing direct car insurance to the policy holders. This company operates in such a way that there are no middlemen who operate between the policy holder and the company, hence offering great savings to the policy holders. The company also offers a great deal of discounts which help the policy holders in getting a great deal.

    Direct Line Car Insurance provides three types of Insurance Policy:

    Third Party Fire & Theft (TPF&T;): This insurance provides cover for accidents caused to your vehicle due to fire or theft. It also provides coverage in case of damage caused to the other party due to collision.

    Comprehensive policy: This is similar to the third party fire and theft insurance and also includes coverage for medical expenses, personal belongings and a personal accident cover.

    Third party only: This coverage is for claims made by third party towards bodily injury and damage to third parties belongings.

    The secret of Direct Line’s success lies in its products, pricing and services offered to policy holders. The company has strong belief in its employees and hence it is a success story today.

    Direct Line is expanding its market share by capturing 12 percent of the U.K. auto insurance market. It went through many such mergers and acquisitions, Direct Line Group’s first joint venture was with Linea Directa, later, in March 2001, its second partnership was with Japanese life insurer Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance, and then in June 2001, it took over the U.S. insurance company Allstate and so on.

    With these major mergers and takeovers, Direct Line Group has become the largest direct private motor insurer and the sixth leading home insurer in the entire United Kingdom. Direct Line Insurance is the principal auxiliary company of The Royal Bank of Scotland.

    Today, Direct Line is involved in offering a plethora of financial services like life insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, pet insurance, breakdown cover, European cover, van insurance, medical health insurance and lot more.

    Whether you are looking for cheap car insurance or medical cover or building insurance, Direct Line is one stop portal to shop all insurance products. Associate with Direct Line Car Insurance and access the great-value car insurance deals.