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Eclipse Internet

Eclipse Internet is an internet service provider in UK. It is based in Exeter, Devon. It provides services for both home users as well as businesses. For home users they provide ADSL and Dialup connections and for business users they use SDSL and a leased line. The company is a prestigious winner of ISPA awards such as Best Business Email, Business ISP and Best Dedicated Hosting.

Eclipse Internet started in 1995. It utilised a dialup number 0845 to provide internet service in South West. Eclipse started first broadband product in 2001 just like wholesale ADSL service by BT. Kingston Communications purchased it in 2004. Eclipse started experimenting in a combined service of digital television, telephone and broadband in 2005. In 2008 at the Internet Service Provider Awards Eclipse won Best Consumer ISP award. It lifted most of the restrictions in its policy except for the restriction on downloaded data.

Eclipse deals with lot of things related to internet services for business. It gives leased lines, manages hosting and business broadband. They offer various kinds of Broadband packages such as Home Broadband, Business Broadband, Bonded DSL, Home Fibre, and Business Fibre. They also deal with hosting, backup and security and email solutions.

According to the users and their requirements they offer a variety of packages. The download speed, upload speed, pricing vary. Ideal for the use at home, home broadband comes for just 12.50 pounds per month. Download speed is upto 20Mbps and upload speed one gets is up to 1Mbps. Leased Lines provide as high as 1Gbps while upload speed is up to 1Gbps. This great offer of Eclipse Internet is for 299 pounds per month. For this price, users get 100% uptime with only 4 hour fix time and upto 1Gbps assured throughput. While leased line is at the highest end and home broadband at the other end, we have many in between packages. Users with small businesses can avail download speed upto 40Mbps and upload speed up to 10Mbps with assured throughput of 12 Mbps for 39.95 pounds. Eclipse calls it business fibre. They offer a similar offer for home users with the price reducing to 21.50 pounds. Bonded DSL gives up to 80Mbpsdownload speed, up to 4Mbps upload speed. For this connectivity one needs to shell out 90 pounds. Next in the line is SDSL giving up to 2Mbps download speed, up to 2Mbps upload speed with the price 125 pounds per month.

Eclipse internet gives wide choice to choose from and itÂ’s capable of serving home users to IT consultants.