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Egg Credit Card

Egg credit cards are popular because of the paperless application process and the deals and discounts offered. They have 24 hours online servicing and no annual fee charges for the card.

There is 0% anniversary offer for loyal Egg Card customers. Then 0% interest on balance transfers up to a period of 5 months. 2.5% handling fees is applicable for all balance transfers.

45 days interest free period for those who pay the outstanding balance in full every month. But please note that for balance transfers and cash advances interest rate will be charged from the date of the transaction.

Balance transfers can be done online to any store Credit Cards, existing credit, overdrafts or loans. There is handling fee of 3% for the introductory balance transfer period.

Free purchase in transit protection for goods more than £25 is available up to £1,000 per item; this is available for a period of 30 days.

Free travel accident Insurance is available for self, spouse and dependant children.

Secured website offers 100% guarantee against fraudulent transactions. There is also active fraud monitoring of accounts. With the fraud monitoring systems in place what more can you ask for.

There is no handling fee for cash advances if you have another Egg account. There is a yearly interest rate of 22.9%.

Payment can be made by Direct Debit, there is revolving balance option and interest plus repayment protection premium available. The minimum credit limit offered is £500.

With so many offers and benefits available who will not opt for Egg Credit Card.