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Entranet is an internet service provider in UK. They deal with variety of services like computer programming services, custom programming services. Entranet is an international Private company based in UK. It is a sort of one stop shop for most of the services and they run independently.

Entranet deals with Intranet, internet, Home Business, contract management software, network security etc. Though Entranet is also into job search, human resource software, network monitoring, stock trading etc., their main focus is to serve the customers according to their needs. Lately they have also participated in the fields like online business education, emprego and internet business.

What they actually do is that they have clubbed all sorts of services related to business houses and homes together. The customer doesn’t have to go to separate vendor for each service. If a customer purchases leased line from Entranet and is looking for network security, he doesn’t have to search for another company. In case one looks for internet business but at the same time is looking for intranet services for the same business, it’s feasible and practical to get the services under one roof virtually or otherwise.

They provide safe and secure ways while taking care of affordability. They provide Internet leased line solutions packed with business enhancing applications. They provide good connectivity and claim to have a qualified support team for the businesses. They do have a data centre of high standards. They deal with servers, v-servers, colocation and webhosting. They offer all the services in accordance with the norms of the company. They don’t have any hidden charges or registration charges. So far they have gained esteemed clients like Eagle Star Direct, The Co-Operative Bank, Guardian Direct and Williams F1.

Their services can’t be categorised as just internet service provider. They provide broader and inclusive services related to these services. Their services can be broadly categorised as Entranet online and Entranet Build. One can view them as two complementary business units. Entranet online includes site promotion, marketing consultancy, business planning, Design, research, creative execution and marketing. Entranet Build focuses on online commerce systems and their support. They do almost everything related to it. They start with defining and developing online commerce systems. They extend further with delivering and supporting them too.

Entranet also keeps the tab on latest developments in the world of internet and internet service providers and keeps itself on the toes with the surmounting pressure of increasing accountability to the businesses and maintaining prices as low as possible.