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Freedom To Surf

Freedom to surf is a business division of TalkTalk group, Britain’s 3rd largest communication network. It is amongst the most reliable telecom network providers with an experience of more than one and a half decades. The company provides top of the line communication solution, to customers.

Freedom to surf is a TalkTalk initiative, thus TalkTalk business knows the needs of today’s business establishments. Depending on the size of business, expert advice may be sought from the TalkTalk executives to deploy the kind of line rental, call charges, broadband charges etc.

Freedom to surf has a next generation network with feature rich rentals and most cost effective charges. The company was awarded the Cisco customer service award for the year 2009. It has a team of nearly thousand UK based technology and infrastructure specialist, the team visits for inspection at your business site before deployment. The solution provided is custom made for your business requirements.

Freedom to surf believes in single supplier management across customer communication needs. There are number of flexible packages designed to impress customers intending to switch from existing communication service provider.

When customers join hands with TalkTalk, business is bond by most reliable and safe means with 20,0000 business firms, capable of catering over 2 billion voice minutes and 4 million broadband connections per month, The company has been considered to be the most reliable with an investment of 200 million pounds and a world class communication experience.

In 2005, PIPEX Communications acquired Freedom to surf to enhance the broadband experience of its customers. Freedom to surf is a known name in the ADSL sector in UK. It is now 5th largest DSL provider in the country after merging with PIPEX Communications. The company is the cheapest Internet Service Provider (ISP) with residential internet speed of 8 Mb Broadband at rates as low as £23.99, with limit of 50 gb. Attraction for choosing Freedom to Surf is that it is fast and also there is no restriction of a 12 month bond.

Apart from all this, customers planning to tie up with Freedom to Surf for at least 3 months will get £49.99 off on activation fee. Monthly allowance is renewed every month, no matter when customer joins. From 1 am to 6 am, there is an advantage of unrestricted daily download that does not add to customer bill.

Freedom to Surf provides Broadband, Dial-Up, and Telephony Services, and is a hosting company for domain names, websites, and emails.