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Gas and Electricity

The gas and electricity come under our basic necessities. The consumption of both these fuel types would not reduce even if the price goes up. The gas and electricity suppliers usually attract new customers on the basis of better deals and competitive pricing. Hence, if you continue getting your supplies from single supplier for a longer period thinking that loyalty will pay you then you are wrong. When you procure the supply from same supplier for longer time then you will get lesser number of deals. Even you will find that after certain years, you will be paying more than the new energy users. Thus, it is recommended that you compare your energy prices with those of other suppliers so as keep a track of your potential savings.

If you are planning to switch the supplier then you can use our comparison tool to find the best priced energy supplier. All you have to do is just provide the name of your current supplier and also your current usage. We will note your data and then check the prices of the alternative suppliers for you. You will get the list of Gas and Electricity suppliers along with the rates in chronological order. The lowest rate is mentioned on the top. You can check the new rates as well as deals to find the best supplier that suit your requirement.

If your gas and electricity suppliers are different and you want to switch to single supplier for gas as well as electricity then you can fill up the form for dual fuel. When you procure both your supplies from single supplier then you will get better discounts. You can check with us whether it is possible to get the dual supply as certain parts of United Kingdom won’t offer you the connection to main gas. If you have found that your current supplier is charging more then you have an option to switch your services with our support. We will switch your services to new supplier through easy switching process. We recommend that you compare your gas and electricity charges twice a year to avoid over paying for the services.

The switching process is completely online and would not require contacting the energy supplier for switching. You will get the bill from new supplier automatically on switching the service. We will ensure that your energy supply is not interrupted while the switching takes place.

If you are the new user then also you can take advantage of our comparison service. You can compare the rates of the available suppliers to find the cheapest supply to save money. We will get you the online quote for your usage and also calculate your savings in case of switching the services. The complete process is easy and convenient. It will call for no documentation and formalities. We will take care of everything starting from getting the quotes from different suppliers to forwarding your application to the selected Gas and Electricity supplier without interrupting the services. The best part is that we will compare these services free of cost.

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