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Financemate is your comprehensive finance information resource. Be it about Mortgage to buy a home or Personal Loans, Payday Loans and Car Finance to take care of your personal financial crunches. We also take care of your Car Insurance requirements

Wide arrays of options are available out there. But, we know how intimidating it can be to choose a precise and favorable financial product. Price is not the only matter in all the cases. Product features and services are equally important that are to be considered before opting for any product. You can get our experts advice and great tips regarding all aspects from wide-ranging insurance to mortgages types to loans, everything you seek to know.


Are you the one who is paying too much for a mortgage? Want an advice or information on Mortgages. Then you have come to the right place. We provide you complete information on various issues related to mortgages.

Credit Cards

Looking for a smart credit card? We can make your decision much simpler. makes it easier for you to find the best Credit Card which suits yours individual needs and circumstances.

Car Insurance

If you have luxury, you ought to have safety. It goes same with the car, if you own it, you need to have an auto insurance- it is a legal obligation. Apart from a legal entity, if ever you are trapped in a complex situation.

Travel Insurance

Basically, insurance policy is intended to give you security to the economic value of assets for the fear of any unexpected situation. Be it life insurance or car insurance, the main aim remains the same.

Home Insurance

What is the most valuable thing that we gift ourselves with? Yes, you are right it’s the Home that we live in. Home is the place where we find space for our personal chores and spend time with our beloved families.

Home Loan

Homeowner loans are loans available by homeowners. They are secured against your home. They are often confused with mortgages. However these loans have a less lengthy process and thus are more easily availed then mortgages.

Car Loans

Looking at buying a new car? Want to find the Cheapest Car Loan. brings you attractive Finance options where you can compare and choose among the best car loan providers

Personal Loans

A personal loan is usually taken out for a variety of reasons. You might want to buy a car or repay bills of your credit cards. These loans are available at a low interest cost and repayments can be done over easy.


We guide you in choosing the right credit cards, which can bank your pockets. Also, to decide on an appropriate mortgage type that can benefit you, the insurance coverage and loans to profit you.

Just at the click of a mouse you can find details on what’s best for your money. We endeavor to cover all the insurance types from Car Insurance to health insurance, to life insurance and many more. Details on the various loans like Home loans, Students loan, Personal loans, to name a few, have also been included here. We at financemate, assist both individuals and businesses with unbiased information to crack a perfect deal.

Money matters are always complicated subject to handle for a common man. With ever changing, interest rates, hidden calculation patterns, schemes and those incomprehensible terms, financial matters are either very confusing or too time consuming. If one needs to earn good amount of money to make a decent living in today’s world, he is usually short of time. These Finance matters are very important and cannot be ignored at any cost. So what to do? Less time and lot of complicated finance matters, like taking loans, repaying them under a good plan, getting a competitive insurance deal or mortgage deals all this requires not only requires sound knowledge of financial aspects but also time for paper work.

Finance Mate comes as a perfect solution to all your finance associated problems. Under one roof you can find answers to all your questions, clarify your doubts and crack the best deal. Nothing can be worse than getting struck in a bad loan or a not a so beneficial insurance plan.No Deposit Car Insurance The most important thing is that you want to get optimum benefit out of the money you are spending, be it in terms of a discounted insurance plans or benefits in repaying the loans. It is usually a difficult task to find the right plan. It is here that the world class services and meticulously designed website of Finance Mate come to rescue.

With best quotes and comparative deals easily available at Finance Mate, you can steer through easily in finance matters. The greatest problem is to search for that right deal which will suit your budget and requirements equally and fully. To aid this Finance Mate is equipped with a huge database. You give your requirements and in a matter of little time, Finance mate will revert back to you with an exhaustive list of all possibly best deals for you. Once you have comparative deals by your side half the task is done, all you need to do now is to make an informed choice.

Finance mate claims to be a website that meticulously provides all the financial information that a layman might require. Here you will find all the details on UK personal loans, UK credit cards, UK mortgage, and UK Car Insurance. We provide an assortment of all financial deals to you and then you can comfortably take your pick, isn’t it an easy option! An option worth taking!

It is your money and you should not waste even a penny on a wrong plan or deal. Finance mate brings to you all the information and solution for Mortgage, Credit cards, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Home loan, Car loans and Personal loans. We understand you needs, give you competitive quotes and guide you to pick the best deal and see you through the end of the deal. Right information is the key to right deal and we guarantee accurate and detailed information. Let us assist you take an informed financial decision.

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