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Gold Credit Card

Gold cards are issued to people with reasonable salary and they also have higher credit limits. Gold Cards are issued by many companies and the rewards and terms and conditions differ according to the company. Gold Cards are available with American Express, Natwest Barclays etc.

American Express

Gold Cards were issued by American Express as early as 1966. Gold cards are called charge cards. These cards can earn points on spending which in turn can be utilized.


Gold Card offers you benefits like overseas legal and medical assistance. To own a gold card you have to be over 21 years and earn £20,000 per year.

RBS Gold Card

RBS Gold Credit Card gives 0% balance transfers for 13 months and 0% on any purchase for a period of 3 months from the start of the card. The APR is 13.9%. The minimum age limit for the card is 21 years.