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Halifax Mortgage

Halifax are a part of the Bank of Scotland plc providing a number of financial products like insurance, banking, credit cards, loans, mortgages, shares and investments.

Mortgages are provided for homes, buy to let, loans for home owners and specialist mortgages. Specialist Mortgages include offset mortgage and buying land in foreign countries. These mortgages have interest at fixed rates and tracker rates.

Fixed rates are suited for those who want their interest rates to remain constant and there is 2, 3, 5 and 10 year periods and there is a 3 year stepped fixed rate Mortgages available.

Tracker rates on the other hand are where interest rates change. There is a 1 year tracker, 2 year tracker, 3 year tracker and tracker rates for the term of the mortgage.

Halifax allows its customers to change from their present mortgage to Halifax Mortgage and the application is available online. Halifax does all the legal work with no fees applicable and the customers can enjoy the special features provided by Halifax as applicable to its new customers. Halifax also provides option to change from one mortgage option of Halifax to another mortgage with no charge of legal fees.

There are special Halifax Mortgage features like over payment option, underpayment option, payment holiday, change of repayment term, fees added to mortgage, interest calculated on daily basis.

With Halifax Mortgage providing interest calculators online and easy mortgage options to existing customers and first time buyers who will not be tempted to opt for them and enjoy their services.