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Life without money is like a beehive without honey. And whether you have too little or too much of it, a bank is the necessary portal to make your financial moves. With safety and security of life being at a constant threat whether on the streets or at home, keeping some cash in the safe haven of a good bank can be of great help in times of emergencies.

HSBC, the Honkong Shanghai Banking Corporation Is an international bank devoted to take care of your finances in its kitty. With globalization making our world flatter than ever before HSBC offers a 24/7 Online Banking provision along with in branch facility and at its innumerable cash machine kiosks all over the world. This is a great scheme for people constantly on the go as also those new inhabitants who require a financial footing in a new alien country. What’s more, now kids don’t have to wait to grow up to open an account at HSBC Bank. There are special savings accounts meant for the little ones. When the world witnesses protests against environmental degradation HSBC believes in acting .With the virtually paper free option, you can now prevent a part of environmental degradation. This Green option comes with an additional incentive of £5 to make it even more preferable.

If declining interest rates have been giving you sleepless nights and the unnecessary loss of your hard earned money makes you rethink your decisions to save then help is at hand. For an amount greater than £2000 HSBC allows an annual bond with an interest rate fixed at 5.75% AER/ gross. And if rising tax rates makes you jittery then HSBC also helps you save a little extra by a tax free saving account wherein the interest is calculated on a daily basis.

The new house you wanted and the Rolls-Royce you covet is easier to possess with an 8.9% loan for any amount in the range of £7,000 to £25,000 that HSBC Bank gives. The entire process is also made hassle free for the clients through online submission and instant receipt of credit. Open throughout the year. For loans in the range of £1,000 to£ 25,000 one can avail of personal loans, whatever the purpose. If that’s still insufficient to cover your needs then there is a facility for additional loan, online. Repayment is possible through two options-Fixed repayment term and deferred repayments schemes.

The credit cards that have made life so much more convenient are offered without an annual fee payment. To ensure a tension free spending the cards is secured by five security measures.

To live life to the fullest with dangers lurking in every corner one needs the assurance of someone who may take care, in cases of unforeseen encounters that may damage life and property. The financial issues can be put to rest by availing the many insurance products on offer at HSBC Bank. There are the regular life insurance and home insurance products along with some new ones like the pet insurance product and the student insurances product-meant for insuring ones possessions at the university.