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IDNet is a leading provider of Internet-based services in the UK (ISP). It focuses on providing broadband, high-performance telecommunications, professional internet services, e-mail service, web design and advanced high security solution. Customers are using internet services of IDNET for offices and homes throughout UK. Founded in 1996, IDNet is amongst the forerunners in investing and nurturing the bandwidth and internet services. It has a network that operates on high-speed lines to full potential. IDNet has highly acclaimed technology and infrastructure that provide best web design, web hosting and content management systems (CMS) ensuring customers with high security and safety. This company has clients in government agencies that made IDNET leading UK Internet service provider by its business acumen based on performance, and reliability of Broadband network and services.

IDNet network serves London and Amsterdam. In location of these exchanges, IDNet has made arrangements and agreements with over 480 service providers that oblige IDNet by allowing data traffic at Gigabit speeds. The company network is competent and has very low latency levels to ensure better Internet traffic. If client has Broadband, leased line or Ethernet connectivity from IDNet Network service, then they will surely receive highest technically possible performance.

IDNet has a full range of secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, both software and hardware-accelerated to help clients. Internet frauds, Trojans and viruses (via e-mail and Web browsing) are a growing threat. Personal information hacking and theft via phishing frauds are a more alarming problem in today’s world. Spyware installation and refreshing private data always cannot eradicate the affect of the performance of your PC, but IDNET saves your personal username and password data to connect to the transmission line from getting in the hands of strangers. IDNet has proven record and experience in protecting your valuable information against these threats.

A minimum monthly contract and no penalties for cancellation are the services that give confidence to customers not to be projected or blocked in dilemma. IDNet has a customer following because they recognize the value of service, and strive in the Telecom sector to provide top quality Internet service and support.

The company does not believe in call center philosophy. The Internet support is both free and unlimited. IDNet is committed to provide customers with services at fair prices that ensure best level of professional service maintenance.

The company has a customer list of BBC, Adventure Connections, Cherry Call, hp, Association of Electoral Administrators, etc.