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Kent Reliance Building Society

The Kent Reliance Building society offers general insurance covers as well as regulated mortgages. It is a trusted organisation which comes under the regulation of the Financial Services Authority. They have been one of the oldest as well as a fast growing financial services firm. The Kent Reliance Building Society like many other building societies in the United Kingdom also runs by the mutuality rule. This means that the building society is not owned by shareholders, instead, the account holders and the members own the company. Being a member of the Kent Reliance Building Society gives you voting powers during any board meeting. As a member, one also has a say in any major decision that is to be taken by the company. Many agree that these organisations are very transparent as the members are always informed about the running of the company.

Kent reliance offers specialised financial services such as advice on tax regulation, will writing, insurance advice as well as Mortgage payments. Varied savings accounts also enable the client to choose an account which will cater to his needs. A small example would be the children’s’ account which enables your child to learn the art of handling money from a young age. The money from a saving’s account can be transferred from one account to another. This enables you to have more than one savings account and hence maximises the returns on your investment. Owning a savings account in Kent Reliance Building society is an assured and safe way of investment.