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Leeds Building Society

The Leeds Building society is one the largest building societies based in the United Kingdom headquartered in Leeds. Established in the year 1857, this organisation of repute has been serving customers efficiently since then. The strong client force of 650,000 stands proof of this fact. Leeds Building Society have seventy branches spread across the country out of which twenty nine branches are located in the vibrant city of Yorkshire.

The Leeds Building Society specialises in providing financial products such as insurance, Mortgages, credit card, savings and investment options. The best building society award by the Mortgage magazine which the organisation received recently certifies the quality and transparency of their services. The Merger of Leeds Building Society with the Mercantile society was one of the few mergers which had tremendous support from the members of both the firms unlike other hostile takeovers.

Among the insurance offered, home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance auto insurance and health insurance. The insurance covers are need based and can be designed based on the client needs. The advisors from the organisations work with the clients and help them select the right insurance cover which takes into account the financial position of the client as well.

Financial planning is another of the exclusive services offered by select financial services company such as the Leeds Building Society. It definitely pays to plan ahead. Leeds Building Society offers services in Will writing, life insurance, Inheritance and Tax planning.

Being a mutual company, the interest that the client pays on the borrowed sum is lesser than what he would pay for the same amount from a bank. This is because the Leeds Building Society does not have to pay dividends as there are no shareholders. Application to mortgages can be made online.