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Lloyds TSB Bank

With the world progressing everyday, we want our status and prominence in the society to progress too. And money is hands down the best way to show off your status. The foundation of the banking system is considered one of the hallmarks in the process of development of the modern world. And the Lloyds TSB Bank is one of the newest members to the banking sector.

The Lloyds TSB Bank started off its functioning in 1995. This basically was a merger of Lloyds Bank of 1765 and the Trustees Saving Bank founded in 1810. The bank operates from headquarters in London and has branches over USA, the rest of Europe, Middle East and Asia. The Lloyds TSB Bank is now fifth in the run for being the largest banking group in England. The Lloyds TSB Bank Group has its functions divided in to three major subheads- UK Retail Banking and Mortgages, Wholesale and International Banking and Insurance and Investments. The Lloyds TSB Bank has a Triple A rating.

Lloyds TSB Bank provides you the option of a varied number of banking schemes like Personal Banking, Private Banking, Business Banking, Corporate Markets and International Banking. All the accounts provide you the common options of internet banking, current accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgages, insurance, travel and savings and investment.

The personal banking account allows your money to grow even when you withdraw cash from your account. There are about 5.0 % AER gross and tiered interest rates. There is no penalty for withdrawing money from your account. Loans are given out to customers holding personal accounts at an 8.9% APR typical from amounts £ 7,500 to £ 25,000. Lloyds TSB Bank also provides you a package of Air miles Duo at 15.9% APR typical variable. So, you actually have the option of flying free with Air miles. You could also get quotes for car insurance for one year at a rate of just ten months.

Lloyds TSB Bank loves to provide you with the support that you need in your business right from the very onset of your business venture. You could get your business insured with the Business Protection plan at Lloyds TSB Bank. The facilities of internet banking and business credit cards also allow you to handle your finances better. You could get a support from the business section of Lloyds TSB Bank if your business has an annual turnover of less than £ 15m.

Private banking schemes with Lloyds TSB Bank are specially designed to give you the best of services. The solutions offered by Lloyds TSB Bank can be both comprehensive and personal, suited specifically to your needs. For businessmen who have an annual turnover of more than £ 15m, the corporate markets scheme suits the best. The account comes complete with E-services and auctioning facilities, beside a range of others. International banking is meant for those people who look at offshore transactions or mortgages and investments pretty frequently. They also allow you an option of international corporate banking schemes and onshore retail facilities for both individuals and business groups