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Madasafish Broadband


Madasafish is a part of BrightView, founded in April 2001. BrightView is wholly owned BT plc. Plusnet plc has endorsed the name Madasafish for its trading and marketing purposes.

Madasafish is the member of Internet Services Providers Association UK, governed by the ISPA UK Code. Being in alliance with the code allows Madasafish to display the ISPA UK logo as a sign of commitment to good business practices.

Madasafish also follows the Internet Watch Foundation. The main task of this foundation is to work on minimizing the availability of illegal Internet content, particularly child abuse images in conjunction with Tele communication companies, Mobile companies, Software Providers, Police, Government and ISP.

This company works against potentially illegal internet content, which deals with abuse of any kind in the world over, like images, racist content in UK, some adult content, and images that violate the Obscene Publishing Act of the United Kingdom.

Madasafish strives to make Internet services available to all the sectors of the United Kingdom. The company has a user-friendly website designed on the guidelines as approved by Web Accessibility Initiative i.e. WAI, and the Royal National Institute for the blind.

The guidelines that Madasafish has incorporated from its research methodologies are Descriptive Hyperlink text. Frames make usage of the website difficulty for some special browsers users; hence, Madasafish Broadband does not incorporate Frames. The colors, non-serif font and apt size make it a breeze to use the website. The convenience of using shortcut access keys and functions make it easy for frequent users. All the prices on the website include VAT and the company has worked hard to make the Terms and Conditions for our services accessible and easy to understand.

Madasafish has announced that its broadband speed services as "up to" a certain speed. This is because high-speed Broadband is not having a fixed speed - its variable. Many a times, the speed, consumers get will be automatically adjusted. This is to ensure that you get the best speed, most reliable broadband service that your communication line can impart.

Initialization process starts with activation of the broadband; BT keeps an eye on the speed and finds an average minimum speed customer received in a week. This process is carried out to find the speed supported by the customer’s phone line. Line may get disconnected now-and-again if customer’s phone line cannot handle the speed. This training phase helps customer phone line speeds to settle down and get the best possible service customer phone line can support.