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Minibus Insurance

Have you gone on a picnic with your family and friends in a minibus? You should have enjoyed the day thoroughly. Minibuses are designed to carry a few people; it is smaller than a full-size bus and hence reducing the cost of carrying a large number of people. Examples of minibuses are Kombi, Ford Transit, and VW Bus. There are many companies manufacturing these types of buses.

Minibus Insurance provides risk management for these buses. The insurance varies according to the business. You can read on to understand the variety of uses of minibus and their relevant insurance.

Minibus - Businesses: These are used for small business like clubs, pubs and restaurants. There is cover available for drivers who have a valid UK driving license. The insurance is applicable to vehicles having 7 to 17 seats and is used in business.

Minibus - Private owners: This insurance is provided for pleasure, domestic and social purpose use of families and individuals.

Minibus - Private schools & nurseries: This insurance also requires a valid UK License for its drivers who are covered along with the insurance. The Minibus should be used by private schools and nurseries.

Minibus - Charities & groups: The rules are same to the above insurances and the minibus should be used by community group, church or charity club. The vehicle may be loaned under Section 19 charities and there is no additional charge applicable. Such use should be stated before the policy starts.

Minibus - Private hire & others: This insurance is used for private hire of clubs and organizations like guides, sports club, scouts and voluntary groups.

Minibus – Fleets: For fleet own who own more than five vehicles this insurance is suitable.

The Minibus Insurance comes with many benefits like breakdown recover, windscreen replacement, personal accident benefit, contents cover for communication and entertainment equipment.

Some companies which specialize in minibus insurance are

ChoiceQuote: They offer insurance with flexible payments and direct debits options. ChoiceQuote provides competitive quote and a dedicated claims department who help the customers. ChoiceQuote offers insurance to any size and type of vehicle.

QuoteRack offers insurance through their insurance brokers. Their rates are also competitive with flexible payment options. Endsleigh also offers Minibus Insurance for schools, private hire and charity organizations.

Just Minibus Insurance offers specialist minibus insurance and fleet insurance for those who want to use their minibus for domestic, pleasure, private or public hire and business purposes.

Some companies offer online applications and have applications on their website from where the customers can apply for the minibus insurance.

With Minibus Insurance anyone running the business can rest assured that they can have maximum protection for their vehicles and run their business peacefully.