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Natwest Bank

Banking has been the biggest boon to the modern world to spin money without undertaking any risk. After all that is what we all want- more money gives us a higher level of utility while risks push us down to lower utility levels. Banks basically collect money and arrange it in their portfolio to give out loans and invest in the capital markets. They share with us an amount of the profit that they earn by investing our money. Banks also are the first places we rush to when looking for loans or insurances or tips on how to arrange our portfolios. Natwest Bank is an old seller of good will in this regard. Starting 1968, it has only grown stronger and acquired firmer foothold in the banking sector.

The NatWest Bank or the National Westminister Bank plc is one of the major banks that UK banks with. It has been a part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc since 2000. Having been established as a merger between National Provincial Bank of UK and the Westminister Bank, Natwest Bank now has a huge network of 1,600 banking branches and 3,400 cash machines all over England and Wales. To this day, the bank has about 7.5 million personal customers and 850,000 small businesses under its business purview.

NatWest Bank provides customers with options of personal, private, business and commercial banking. The day to day facilities provided by the bank on its personal accounts are viz. current accounts, credit cards; private banking, student banking, graduate banking, travel services, international services and carbon offset schemes. NatWest Bank also provide you with options of savings- you could save up for your children or have instant access to savings and ISAs. The medium term savings, investments and share dealing that they do are also quite prominent and renowned in the market. Borrowing options in the personal section range over facilities like mortgages, loans and overdrafts. Besides, the home owners can claim to borrow a bigger sum of money. NatWest Bank provides its personal customers with personalized insurance programs too. You could have car, home, travel etc insured. They have pretty decent plans of life insurance policies too. Besides, students and graduates could insure their belongings with the bank as well.

The private banking sector is absolutely customized for your daily needs. It provides the best of business class services and can arrange for the information that you need, regarding your financial queries, right away. The Advantage Private account provides you with the flexibility to arrange your finances and is the most popular of the Private banking schemes provided by Natwest Bank.

The NatWest Business account provides you with special facilities as the Advantage Business account that puts to rest all your daily hassles of fee payment and so on. You could also do with a bonus saver account and earn interest on the surplus that you earn and entitle you to quarterly bonuses. NatWest provides its corporate customers with all the modern day banking facilities that all the MNCs of the day need!!