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Newcastle Building Society

The Newcastle Building Society, a member of the building societies of association, is a United Kingdom based building society. They have their head office in Newcastle upon Tyne, a picturesque town in England. The society came into being as a result of the merger between Grainger Building Society and the Newcastle Permanent Building societies. The year 2006 saw the merger of this with another famous building society in UK, the Universal Building Society.

The Newcastle Building Society offers a range of services related to insurance, mortgage, loans, insurance and credit cards. They have an asset base of 4.8 billion pounds. The company is based on mutuality. Among the many services, the Newcastle building society also runs a call centre, has a blog service titled Money Counts and a magazine ‘Money counts’ for the members of the society.

The mortgage calculator available on the website gives the client a fair idea about the mortgage repayments he may have to make. A range of mortgage options are available which are flexible, simple and affordable. While some may take a Mortgage to pay for a house, others may take up a mortgage to pay the medical bills. The mortgage plans have been structured to cater to all sections of debtors. Straightforward explanations are given by our experienced professionals to our customers. This leaves no room for confusion.

Different types of savings accounts are also available. The types vary in the rate of interest they pay. Online savings account, telephone savings accounts and branch telephone savings accounts are some types that the Newcastle Building Society offers for its consumers. The application for any of the above services can be made online. The numerous tools and calculators available help you plan your investment well in advance in a concise way.

The Newcastle Building Society comes under the regulation of the Financial Service Authority which also authorises the society.