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Endsleigh Insurance Sends Warnings !

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Endsleigh warns the DIY enthusiasts !

Endsleigh, a leading insurance company has appealed the home and estate owners to be pay attention towards any repairs or alteration as it may affect their cover.

Rhiannon Harris, a spokesperson for Endsleigh has said, “We must be advised of any alteration of the risk, so this will include any DIY projects, in order that we may consider the continuation of cover in general.”

She added that the motorists can face huge losses, if they have not consulted the insurers prior to any repairs or alterations.
Most of the insurers are not covering the DIY structural repairs or alterations.

Endsleigh too has joined this league and now, denies from covering the losses caused by flawed repairs or designs.

Nationwide Insurance Offers

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Special insurance offers by Nationwide for Father’s Day gifts

With few days left for Father’s Day, Nationwide is alluring the customers to grab its extended warranty cover. This cover has been flaunted with special items such as MP3 players, DAB radios, camcorders and home cinema systems, especially trendy gadgets for dads.

Along with two year’s of existing manufacturer’s warranty, you can enjoy an additional one year warranty by purchasing the products with a Nationwide credit card and registering it within 60 days of purchase. Not only this, the number of purchases is unlimited with cover starting after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
Jeremy Wood, divisional director for Nationwide, said: “Nationwide credit card holders who purchase an electrical item as a gift for Father’s Day can take advantage of our extended warranty insurance free of charge. The policy now includes cover on a range of new technologies - perfect for gadget-obsessed Dads everywhere.”

Upgrade your car insurance policy

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Upgrade your car insurance policy: Says AA Insurance

With the summer travel season reaching its peak and, travellers gearing up for a holiday in Ireland, the enticing Island of Great Britain; AA Ireland has recommended the British motorists to verify their car insurance policies before packing their bags.

Thomas Brosnan, representative for the AA Ireland insurance company, has cautioned the travellers who are planning to explore the Emerald Isle, especially those who are starting off on their personal vehicles to upgrade their car insurance policy as some covers might not include the abroad cover.
Mr. Brosnan has advised the comprehensively insured to check their insurance policy as they cover might be limited to third-party, fire and theft. He also emphasized that its better everyone have their own breakdown cover.

AA Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Ireland and the UK providing a wide range of financial products which include, but are not limited to car insurance, breakdown cover, loans, credit cards, home insurance, travel insurance and life insurance.

Halifax Insurance brings Thank you treat

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Halifax Insurance brings “thank you” treat for their loyal customers

All the buildings and content insurance policy holders can bash-around as Halifax Insurance is offering a £50 “thank you” treat. You can enjoy this offer now and every year, provided you remain claim free.

A bank had surveyed and concluded that loyal customers preferred to be acknowledged for their constancy with the insurer. And, by purchasing the Halifax buildings and contents cover, the insured could bank up to £127, annually.

“Other insurers offer discounts and incentives to tempt customers in, but we are the only insurer to reward customers for their loyalty year after year with a £50 thank you,” Sarah Cowx, Halifax’s marketing head, said.

And, Nationwide has also declared to offer a 20 percent discount on home and buildings contents cover for two successive years, but only for those who purchase both the covers.