4 Tips to Get a Modified Car Insurance

A car which is different from factory specifications and has been fitted with market parts and optional items after purchase are known as a modified car. It difficult to find insurance providers for modified cars as most companies do not offer cover for imported vehicles. However, here are some tips for obtaining a Modified Car Insurance:

  • Inform the insurance provider of modifications

You must inform your insurance provider about changes in your car or else your insurance policy may become invalidate.

  • Insurance intermediaries

Greenlight Insurance is one of the insurance intermediaries to help modified car owners find competitive quotes for their cars and other benefits for example, ‘like for like’ substitution of modified elements that have been damaged.

  • Like for like replacement

It has been seen that owners are sensitive towards modified cars and keep upgrading their cosmetic beauty and improve the performance of their car. Greenlight Insurance has realised the importance of modified cars and has tried to included ‘like for like’ replacement in most of the specialised and modified cars. This clause means that a part which has been damaged would be replaced by a similar one and if it is not available in the market you would be compensate equally.

  • Get a trained motor engineer to assess impact of modifications

If you apply for a total loss claim, a trained motor engineer would assess the impact of your modifications and rate it upon the market value and notify the insurer about exactly how much you should be compensated. Modified car insurances are difficult to arrange as most insurers cover cars by volume not opting to scrutinize it manually. Most insurance companies do not have the service of trained people which is essential to understand the effect of modifications. Greenlight Insurance has specialists who help in offering cover for Kit car, Modified Car, Sports Car and Performance Car. Greenlight Insurance of the opinion that modified car owners are at a better risk than the average owner.

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