Absurd Car Insurance Claims

As an owner of a car insurance company you must have received claims like accident due to a falling tree or damaged caused by another vehicle. But now if you have an insurance company in the UK, be prepared for some bizarre claims as well! Don’t get alarmed if you receive a claim for a car being damaged due to rotten carrots strewn on the road or bare pedestrians hopping on the roof of the car. It can be as foolish as the case in a recent incident when the driver lost control after being distracted by four girls in mini-skirts while in another incident a nude pedestrian jumped on the roof, hopped, skipped and ran away leaving the car badly damaged. Things can even be as stupid as somebody filling a tank with shampoo instead of petrol. So a big warning for all you motorists out on the street! Be careful not only of fellow motorists but such stupid acts as well.

A motorist even blamed a Harrier Jet for his melted windscreen because the aeroplane crash landed and exploded in the neighbourhood. Imagine getting request for claims for broken windscreen, this time the damage was caused by a squirrel who threw a nut from a tree! Animal attacks may sound weird but are true and can sometimes cause heavy damage to the car. CCTV footage shows a camel kicking and destroying a car parked safely at a garden centre while a tired horse damages another car while deciding to take a rest in the bonnet.

All these incidents only point out to the fact that motorists ought to be more careful of their vicinity.

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