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Great Car Finance Deals For Car Buyers

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Great bargains for car buyers

There was a time when buyers had to hunt a lot for new-car bargains. But the scene is quite different now. With heavy price cuts, it is the buyers who are now chasing the customers for offers. This week, itself, a brand new Muranos of Nissan was being sold by an agent at a little under £20,000 instead of £30,190. I was hounded by a franchisee to purchase a Dodge Nitro for £15,000 instead of £25,000.

You can now expect some top level jeeps and cars to have a price slash of £15,000. Even non-franchised dealers now offer a Peugeot Comfort at £10, 799 which is about £7,000 less. There are other offers as well like Suzuki has waived off three years road tax and up to three years’ free finance to customers buying Cars worth £14,999. Only a deposit of 40% is required. Another agent offers four years of free insurance on Zafiras, Astras, Vectras and Astra TwinTops if you make a down payment of 30%. There is good news for buyers who want to buy the £15,000 Volvo C30 R-Design Sport. If you pay a deposit of £4, 591 you can avail a 36-month free loan offer. For Skoda lovers, customers can enjoy servicing and insurance at no additional expense but for future buyers, only those willing to shell out a loan of 6.2 per cent APR can you avail such offers. So there are lots in store this summer for you as far as car finance purchase is concerned.