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Customers Canceling Life Insurance Due to Recession

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Latest figures from the Association of British Insurers or ABI reveal that 13% of the people have decided to scrap their Life Insurance policy in this economic downturn. The ABI says that customers are either ignoring prompts to renew their policies or are canceling them altogether in order to save money in such difficult economic times. The research shows that 13% lesser people have life insurance cover than at the time when recession started. (more…)

Quit Smoking to Enjoy Cheaper Life Insurance Premiums

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Come 11 March, No Smoking Day and if you pledge to give up smoking on that day you would be rewarded by cheaper Life Insurance premiums, says Asda Life. Not only will health of people improve if they quit smoking but they can also find premiums of insurance cover for critical illness drop by almost 50% explains Asda Life. (more…)

Snapshots UK Non-Life Insurance 2008 Report

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Snapshots UK Non-Life Insurance 2008″ is out for the public to view. This comprehensive report provides last year data of market size, with estimates of 2008, historical facts of 5 years and forecast of the coming 5 years. The Snapshots report provides a summary of the non-life insurance market of the UK which includes accident and health car, aviation, real estate, marine, general liability Life Insurance, and transport and other non-life insurance policies. The value is calculated based upon the gross premium income. The report has been provided in both table and graphic format for easy comprehension and interpretation. There are several benefits of Snapshots reports the main being helping the client save his precious time with a correct and a complete report on market data, shares, size, and forecasts. The report is a very user friendly one with easy to use tables, excellent graphical interpretation and concise and clear information. It is beneficial for first time research and it also helps the team build a detailed report based on the collected information of Snapshots report.

Life Insurance Policies Are Expensive

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Breaking the myth: Life Insurance policies are expensive

A survey on life insurance policies has revealed that most consumers feel that policies of Life Insurance are costly without even checking the facts if they are actually expensive in real terms. Among the people who took the poll, about 65 per cent of them have miscalculated the premium for a policy of £150,000. All the people were of the opinion that the premium would be more than what it was and therefore many decided not to take any cover. The high premium rate was the main factor behind declining the insurance policy. According to a life insurance expert, insurance premiums can start from as low as £6 per month which families even with relatively less income can afford. Only a little more than 30% of the Britons have opted for life insurance policy even in the absence of a good economy and increasing funeral costs.