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Pet Insurance A Requirement To Save Medical Costs

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Lack of insurance cover forcing many pet owners to decline treatment for their pets

Britain is known for its love for pets but a recent survey has revealed a very startling fact. As many as 1.6 million pet owners have taken a drastic step of putting their Pets to sleep because of spiralling cost of treatment and vet bills. About 80% of vets have had offers from owners who do not have a health insurance for their pet to put them to sleep. Many pet owners could not afford the expensive treatment of their pets. Thousands of pets every year were refused medical treatment on account of high cost of treatment. In the past five years more than 50 per cent of pet owners had to put their cat or dog to sleep. This is mainly because of two major factors, reveals the research. First vet fees have risen by 12 % and secondly 55% of cats and dogs are uninsured. An insurance policy for a pet has therefore become of prime importance which will at least enable the pet owner to cover expenses if not fully at least a part of it. These findings are very disturbing and it shows that of only an owner had had taken a pet health insurance, they would not have to face such dilemma of putting them to sleep or declining medical treatment. Britain is currently reeling under credit crunch which has compelled many pet owners to either reduce the amount of pet cover or do away completely. A good Pet Insurance does not necessarily mean an expensive one. You can even do with an average one if you shop and surf the net a little.