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Sacrificing Travel Insurance for Domestic Holidays may Prove Costly

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

A recent research by World First reveals that almost 80 per cent pf the Brits do not take a Travel Insurance especially when they are going for domestic holidays. Domestic holiday traffic is expected to increase sharply by almost 30 per cent this summer according to Continental Research statistics. (more…)

Travellers Opting for Single-Trip Insurance and Redundancy Cover

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Credit crunch and financial crisis has prompted Brits to change their holiday trends and Travel Insurance habits as well. EssentialTravel reveals that in today’s changed scenario, Brits are more concerned about redundancy cover and therefore more and more people are opting for single-trip holiday insurance than a multiple one. (more…)

Travel Insurance Being Sacrificed in Recession Times

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

According to American Express, almost quarters of British people are travelling abroad without insurance in a bid to save money and cut travel costs. Many Brits are surfing the net for last minute holiday deals and to break away from the credit crunch, more and more travellers are deciding against Travel Insurance and therefore exposing themselves to a great risk. (more…)

Take Insurance Cover before Skiing off

Friday, February 20th, 2009

According to the AA, three hundred thousand people injure and get severely hurt every year while on a skiing holiday. If by mistake you injure yourself without valid insurance cover then the cost of treatment is extremely high and getting your injured friend or family member back home is equally expensive. (more…)

Travelling without Insurance

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

A research by American Express states that almost half of the Brits are saving money by cutting back on some important products like Travel Insurance. Though many Brits are surfing the net or visiting travel agents for exotic summer destinations, almost 24% have intentions of travelling without insurance in order to save that extra pound. (more…)

Insurance Help in Snow

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Britain’s communication system is badly hit due to heavy snowfall over the last few days. Flights have been cancelled, trains disrupted and roads blocked because of heavy snow. There have been reports of heavy damage to house and property due to bad weather. The Association of British Insurers has issued advice for travel, motor and household insurance. (more…)

How to Save on Travel Insurance

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

If you are travelling this season, then take some time to shop online or visit some insurer personally for travel insurance and enjoy the benefit of some super saving on insurance premium. A latest survey done by Which Money, half of the people take an annual Travel Insurance policy while 28 per cent buy single-trip policy. (more…)

MRL Travel Insurance For Over 65

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Are you over 65 and feel that you should have a traveller’s insurance like your son who is just 30? Then you are absolutely right! Why should you pay extra premiums just for your age? Well, now there is good news for all travellers above 65.
MRL insurance has introduced a policy that will cover people till the age 80. What’s best about the policy is that it takes into consideration only the pre-existing medical condition for the last 12 months only and not for the last five years as is the case for most Travel policies. The policy covers travel to Europe or worldwide and unlimited trips for a period of 93 days (45 days for travellers aged 65-74, or 31 days for those between 75 to 79 years). The starting price of the policy is £15. The cost of an annual Europe multi-trip is about £79. MRL claims to be UK’s first fully self-certified policy. This means that travellers need not undergo any further medical tests once they have completed the application process.
This is good especially in cases if you have recovered from a serious condition in the past. According to a compare website, this policy offers good value in conditions of cancellation, baggage and medical cover. However, as all policies you must carefully go through the small print as well for example, the policy is not clear if asthma patients are covered or not. You will also not be provided cover if you have a background of heart ailment, a terminal disease or changed your medication in last three months. A similar policy would probably cost you only £6-7 with some other company while the MRL policy is more than £25 but the benefit of MRL policy is that it covers more medical conditions than any other policy does.