Claims on Pet Dogs Increasing because of Separation Anxiety

An increase of 28% in claims on the behaviour of pet dogs has been experienced by Sainsbury’s Finance in the recent months. Sainsbury’s Finance, which is a Pet Insurance chain, has witnessed the increase in claims mainly because dogs are being left alone at home by owners for a considerable amount of time.  Dogs are forced to stay alone for five to six hours as owners go to jobs. As a result they are suffering from separation anxiety and stress. This is based on the latest research done by Sainsbury’s Finance on 2.4 million dog owners. Dogs are extremely friendly animals and social creatures. They love to stay among friends and people and crave for love and attention. Dog owners are advised not to take their pets lightly and should be serious before taking up the responsibility. You should look for friends and family who are willing to take care of your pet in your absence. Sainsbury’s Finance said that separation anxiety could provoke a dog to become destructive and can eventually suffer from mental problems.

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