Enhanced Holiday Home Insurance for Saga Consumers

Saga home insurance announced some exciting deals for people over 50 and owning overseas property. Despite the current economic crisis, people are still keen to buy property abroad especially those above 50 years of age.

So, Saga has launched an enhanced level of holiday home insurance. Saga has discovered that people are spending less time in their second home that they would earlier, and the newly launched Home Insurance would cover the changing needs of overseas home owners. The enhanced Saga home insurance policy will cover the needs of overseas home owners even if it is left unoccupied for months.

It also includes £25,000 for loss of rent especially for those who give their homes for rent. Saga’s research has also shown that people over 50 are sceptical about renting their property to anyone and 48 per cent are happy to rent it out only to family members. However, accidents and robbery can take place anytime and therefore it is best to have adequate cover even if you are not staying there. £1,000 of garden cover, £500 for travel and accommodation, £750 for replacement locks, expenses are also included in the policy.

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