Fleet Vans Update Motor Insurance Bureau

Fleet Vans Keep Up to Date

Reports from the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) report that in cue to previous warnings, Fleet vans are now actively registering their company details with the MID.

MIB has proudly announced that a mere 16 commercial motor insurance policyholders have been held for the Crown Prosecution Services. It is being upheld that this was a result of Van drivers being warned of prosecution in case of non furbishing details.

Not withstanding their fleet van’s insurance, if found guilty of not divulging details, it could lead in a fine of £5,000.

The MID has successfully helped the UK government to enforce the 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive. The directive has asked for insurance details of all vehicles in member states, through a nation wide easy access National information centre.

The Motor Insurers’ Information Centre has been effective in implementing this role of vigilance in the UK.

While conforming to the fact that there has been effective coverage about the penalty for improper registration of database, Chief executive of MIB, Ashton West agrees that there are some firms which would be fined now for non compliance.

He further warns that “Even those that escape legal action face the serious risk of having their vehicles stopped and seized if the data is not on MID.”

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