The most horrifying finding of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) was that there were 4,300 dishonest Travel Insurance claims worth £5m the previous year.

This has raised a red alert among the insurers and overseas police forces. As a result, ABI said that if anyone was caught cheating their insurers, then they would have to face higher insurance costs and other problems pertaining to their motor and house insurance. Both, the insurers as well as the overseas police forces are now more vigilant than before and have maintained industry-wide databases regarding the fraudulent claims. If one is held over a fraudulent claim, then he will face the consequences. He won’t be lent money so easily in future and he may also face prosecution.

The ABI’s director, Mr. Nick Sterling claimed that travel insurances were there to cover if things went miserably wrong when you were on a vacation and not for false claims that people were coming up with. ABI group also said that insurers were on a search for potentially fake claims.
An instance of a fake claim is as follows:
A photographer claimed £8000 worth camera’s alleged theft.

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