Going Green Might Prove Costly

Going green might not be a very good idea for drivers. Owners who want eco-friendly insurance might see their premiums rising by almost 150 per cent. A price comparison website has found that if you are looking for an insurance cover that will offset carbon emissions you may well have to add an extra £450 to the existing cost. So if you are driving Toyota Prius, an eco friendly vehicle you might see yourself paying £319 as motor insurance with Swiftcover.

On the other hand if you buy a policy with a carbon-offset insurer you might have to shell out anything from £490 to £785. You could have your premium spiralling from £388 to £750 for a Green Car Insurance of your conventional car.

Managing director of Moneysupermarket, Andy Leadbetter suggests that green insurance might not be best suited for you. It is best to shop around for the most suitable car insurance and then contribute the money that you have saved to an eco-friendly charity. Leadbetter also feels that it is extremely crucial to be aware of the policy details and at the same time be content that you are doing your little bit for the environment in such difficult times.

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