Green Car Insurance Is In

Car insurance provider Esure is all set to establish an example in going green by sourcing all of its energy from renewable sources. As a part of the go Green Car Insurance notion, the company adopted a 12 month campaign and now claims that they have reduced the use of paper by 29% and where successful in achieving 56% recycling rate. Also, the firm saved a considerable amount of energy by focussing on switching off the monitors when not in use.

Adrian Webb, head, corporate communications, esure, says that they were successful in bringing in substantial changes in their corporate energy buying and recycling. They claim that their biggest success was that they were able to educate their staff about the importance of recycling. He adds that the personal carbon footprint of their staff has reduced greatly. This measure taken by the esure will sure be a motivation to other corporate organizations.

Recent researches by Tesco shows that above two-thirds of homeowners considers themselves to be eco-friendly. But comparison of this figure with those in rented accommodation shows a big difference – the research revealed that this figure fell to 57% and 24% of them said they are “not very green”.

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