Halifax Insurance brings Thank you treat

Halifax Insurance brings “thank you” treat for their loyal customers

All the buildings and content insurance policy holders can bash-around as Halifax Insurance is offering a £50 “thank you” treat. You can enjoy this offer now and every year, provided you remain claim free.

A bank had surveyed and concluded that loyal customers preferred to be acknowledged for their constancy with the insurer. And, by purchasing the Halifax buildings and contents cover, the insured could bank up to £127, annually.

“Other insurers offer discounts and incentives to tempt customers in, but we are the only insurer to reward customers for their loyalty year after year with a £50 thank you,” Sarah Cowx, Halifax’s marketing head, said.

And, Nationwide has also declared to offer a 20 percent discount on home and buildings contents cover for two successive years, but only for those who purchase both the covers.

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