Halifax Warns Customers of Subsidence Risk this summer

All homeowners have been warned by Halifax Home Insurance to take positive measures to avoid subsidence risk as temperatures are expected to soar this summer and less rains expected than previous year. Homeowners leaving especially in the south-east of England should be cautious of high risk because of clay-based soil and higher temperatures.

Halifax also expects a rise in the number of claims connected with higher temperatures. Association of British Insurers (ABI) reveals that the insurance industry received more than 144,000 subsidence claims in the course of the past four years which amounted to £825 million. Neil Curling of Halifax Home Insurance says that though homeowners are not to be blamed for subsidence, people should take sufficient measures to prevent subsidence and the inconveniences associated with it. Halifax advises its customers that they should immediately inform them of they notice cracks on the walls.

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