Health Insurance Concerns for Expats

A specialist insurance adviser suggested the large number of people living abroad and returning home from continental Europe should carefully review healthcare needs. People in hundreds and thousands are returning to Britain because of rising case of unemployment which is more than 14% in Spain, worsening exchange rate and construction industry.

Penny O’Nions, a financial adviser in Health Insurance and a person known to haveĀ  fought several legal battles against insurers, asked former expatriates to pay special attention to small-print clauses talking of pre-existing medical conditions. She said that expatriates need to know the limitations of private medical insurance especially conditions catering to chronic and existing conditions.

Moratorium health plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, the policies will cover pre-existing diseases if the policyholder is not afflicted within a certain period of time. Insurers even cover chronic diseases only after some medical assessment, but the premium of such policies would be high.

However, individuals are advised to study the small print minutely and even take advice of experts specializing in medical insurance. Mrs O’Nions said that a good broker would able to guide you through the best insurance companies which have a history of sympathetic outlook towards pre-existing conditions.

These factors can help expatriates get the best policy that would keep them happy for the rest of their lives. It would help them in choosing policies whose premiums are controlled and balanced. She also suggests people who cannot and who can afford private medical cover to search the net and locate local NHS hospitals that have the lowest incidence of infections like MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

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