Higher Insurance Premiums by Specialist Insurers

According to money supermarket, premiums for specialist Car Insurance for women and for older drivers are costlier than traditional insurance. The research carried out by the price comparison website found that a 30 year old woman driving a Ford would be paying about £622 on average with a woman-only car. This is almost 60% higher than what traditional insurance covers. In such a case, according to money supermarket director Andy Leadbetter, it is better for women to opt for Sheila’s Wheels and Diamond who cater specifically to women motorists.

They suggest motorists that it is best to search the market for the best deals that suits individual needs than paying £400 as unnecessary expenditure. Specialist insurers show extra benefits like handbag cover, women-friendly garages, and a 24 hour roadside emergency helpline. But measure the pros and cons before shelling out that extra money.

For men, however, insurance premiums are lower. A 60-year old man driving a Ford would have to pay £431to a specialist provider which is almost 80% higher than the average cover price of £234 with traditional insurers. So, it is best to shop around to find the best deal before opting for specialist insurers

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