How to Save on Travel Insurance

If you are travelling this season, then take some time to shop online or visit some insurer personally for travel insurance and enjoy the benefit of some super saving on insurance premium. A latest survey done by Which Money, half of the people take an annual Travel Insurance policy while 28 per cent buy single-trip policy.

If you know that you would be travelling several times, it is best to take an annual policy rather than a single-trip policy. For example if you are taking two family holidays of seven day each to Florida and annual policy will help you save £10 while you would have to pay £74 for single-trip policies from Travel Insurance Web. The saving which you will do by taking annual policies will help you get cover for more trips in future at no additional cost.

Buy policies online as you are certain to get cheap deals on the net than elsewhere. Most companies offer a five to 10 per cent discount on policies when you buy policies online. A seventy year old individual would pay £76 for a trip if he purchased the policy from Liverpool Victoria over the phone while he would save almost 10 percent if he purchased the policy online.

Insurance premiums for older people are always expensive mainly due to health reasons. Individuals above the age of 65 find it very difficult to find insurance and almost seven percent could not get insurance. However, for a 78 year old individual without any pre-existing medical condition will need to pay £119 from Golfguard which is £210 cheaper than a policy bought from Liverpool Victoria. So shop around for the best deals before purchasing one for a hassle free travel!

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