How Young Drivers can avoid the Pitfall of High Insurance Premiums

Many car insurance companies are unwilling to offer Car Insurance for drivers of younger age. The statistics of road accidents substantiate these companies’ prudence, as perpetrators of accidents are more among drivers of age 21 or below than in any other age groups. Consequently insurance companies are charging younger drivers with high insurance premiums.

Make sensible car selection for younger drivers to slash insurance premium. It is better to opt for lesser flashier vehicles with smaller engines, as they are less likely to smash slower cars. By purchasing older cars, young drivers can avail cheaper cover for theft, fire and third party as a substitute for comprehensive cover.

Students with good grades are offered discounts. There are insurance companies proffering discounts for fitting Data Recorders to ensure parental monitoring of car speed. Adding the younger driver to the parent’s insurance is another alternative, even if kids make car payments. Augment deductible (amount paid before advent of insurance company). Young drivers finishing “Pass Plus Course” of Driving Standards Agency get reasonable discount for their broader experience of motoring conditions.

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