Insurance for Household Boiler

Have you ever thought about the importance of taking insurance for a household boiler? In the recent economic crisis, opting for insurance for a household boiler might seem an unnecessary expenditure but when you have a household boiler requiring repair every 20 seconds and bills coming to £500, it is worth taking insurance for household boiler. Several energy companies offer home emergency insurance cover between £4 and £26 a month depending on the type of cover. First of all before taking the cover, ensure whether your home insurance already provides cover for household boiler, else approach any standard insurance company which will provide cover for an extra fee to a normal home insurance. Halifax for example offers cover for boiler repairs of £500 for an extra charge of £4 charge. According to insurance expert once a household boiler breaks down in the middle of winter and you get your boiler repaired successfully and you get your claim for the repair charges, you know what it means to have your household boiler covered under home insurance. Of course if you have a new boiler, it will have a guarantee for one or two years, and you might not need special cover for this and extra savings kept separately may do the job for you. It is advisable to have a contingency plan rather than going for an expensive cover, according to financial expert of cool. Two types of insurance cover are available: home emergency insurance which covers hot water systems, heating, pest control and lost keys while fixing of gas boilers and controls come under heating insurance.

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