Insurance Help in Snow

Britain’s communication system is badly hit due to heavy snowfall over the last few days. Flights have been cancelled, trains disrupted and roads blocked because of heavy snow. There have been reports of heavy damage to house and property due to bad weather. The Association of British Insurers has issued advice for travel, motor and household insurance.

Travel Insurance: Typical Travel Insurance covers flight delays from eight to 12 hours. Your policy will get you £50 for each subsequent delay for a period of eight or 12 hour for a maximum limit. You might even get some amount if you miss the flight because you are unable to make it on time due to bad weather. You should be a knowledgable traveler and check all policy clauses before venturing out. Talk to your insurer or your agent if you have any clarification.

Household Insurance: If you have a building insurance policy, your house may be covered under “storm”. Use 24 hour helpline to contact your insurance company if your house has been damaged by snow and storm.

Motor Insurance: Motor insurance policies cover your vehicle against damages caused by ice or snow. However, your claims will only be accepted if you are able to prove that it has been damaged by snow and not due to your fault.

Tips for driving in snow

• Begin your journey much in advance to avoid delay or speeding.
• Drive through the main roads as far as possible as they would be cleared of snow.
• Clear your vehicle of snow so as to allow maximum visibility.
• Headlights and number plates should be clearly visible.
• Have ice scraper, mobile phone and charger, first aid-kit, torch, snow shovel, boots, warm coats in your car.

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